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Working with data in date fields
When entering data in date fields, type dates as follows:
Enter the date in the system format used when the file was created.
Type one date on one line in each field.
Type the day, month, and year as numbers separated by a slash or other separator character. (Use the same character for each separator; for example, 2/3/2019. You can use any character as a separator except a letter, a colon (:), or a "+" sign.)
If you don't type a year in a date field and you haven't typed a separator character for a year, FileMaker Pro enters the current year. If you enter dates with two-digit years, such as 5/12/19, FileMaker Pro changes them to four-digit years, as described in Entering dates with two-digit years.
Use Control Panel (Windows) or System Preferences (macOS) to change the day on which a week begins in a drop-down calendar.
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