Work with Records

Work with data in a field

Any changes you make are also made in the host file (unless you're working with a file you've transferred to your device).

Move from field to field

  1. Tap a field.
  2. Tap in the editing toolbar above the keyboard:
    • iPhone: Left arrow icon or Right arrow icon
    • iPad: Previous or Next

Insert current date, time, or user name into a field

  1. Tap the field, then tap Insert data icon in the editing toolbar above the keyboard.
  2. Tap an option:
    • Current Date Date icon inserts the current date in a date, number, text, or timestamp field.
    • Current Time Time  icon inserts the current time in a time, number, or text field. (You can also choose Current Time to insert the current date and time in a timestamp field.)
    • Current User Name User name icon inserts the current user name as specified in Settings.

Select multiple values from a drop-down list

  1. Tap the field, then choose a value.
  2. Tap the field again.
  3. Tap at the end of the selected value.
  4. Select multiple values.

Work with web viewers

If a layout contains multiple web viewers, FileMaker Go displays Web viewer not active at the top of web viewers that are not active.

Tap a web viewer to make it active. Tap again to activate links, or drag to scroll.