Work with Data in Container Fields

You can tap a container field to view or play media files, add and take photos, add and record videos, insert a signature, add and record audio, scan bar codes, view and add files, and replace and export data.

You can also use the Insert From Device script step to enter content into a container field. See FileMaker Pro Help.

Use gestures to work with media files

Use the following gestures to work with media files inside containers:

Use the following gestures to work with media files in full screen:

Add and work with content in container fields

  1. Tap the container field in a record.
  2. If there is content displayed, tap Replace Replace icon.

    To Do this
    Add a photo or video to a record Tap Photos Photos icon. Tap Camera Roll or an album, then choose the photo or video.
    Take a photo or record a video Tap Camera Camera icon. Take the photo or record the video, then tap Use Photo or Retake.
    Record audio Tap Audio Audio icon. Tap Start to start recording. Tap Save to stop recording and save the file.
    Add a signature to a record Tap Signature Signature icon, then enter your signature. Tap Accept to save the signature.
    Add an item from your iTunes library to a record Tap Music Music icon, then choose the item from your iTunes library.
    Import a file into a container field To import a file from:
    • your iOS device, tap Files Files icon, then tap a file to import into the container field.
    • iCloud Drive or a third-party file provider, tap Locations Locations icon. Tap a file in the list or from a folder in the list. To choose a different location, tap Locations, then tap a file provider.
    Export the contents of a container field Tap Export Export icon, then tap Continue. Choose an option for exporting the file.