FileMaker Pro basics > Opening and managing files > Using the zoom controls
Using the zoom controls
Use the zoom controls, Zoom out control button and Zoom in control button, (located at the bottom of the document window) to enlarge or reduce the image on your screen.
Click the zoom percentage box to quickly return to 100% from a magnified or reduced view.
If you can’t use the zoom controls, it is likely that a script has been performed that locked the zoom level. To restore the zoom feature, run a script that has the Zoom Level script step with the Lock option turned off.
You can also access the zoom controls by choosing View menu > Zoom In or Zoom Out.
If your device supports gestures, you can also pinch to zoom in or out.
Windows: You can zoom in to only 300% when Enlarge window contents to improve readability is selected in the General tab of the Preferences dialog box, or if your system is using a HiDPI display.