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Changes the font size of specified text to fontSize.
text - any text expression or text or number field
fontSize - any font size expressed as an integer
Data type returned 
text, number
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 7.0
The font size is described in points (72 points to the inch). Text formatting options will be lost if the data type that is returned is something other than text or number.
TextSize(“Plaid”;18) returns the word Plaid in 18 point text.
TextSize(“Plaid”;24) returns the word Plaid in 24 point text.
TextSize( TextFont( TextColor( MyTable::MyText; RGB( 0 ; 125 ; 125 ) ); "Courier" ) ; 12) returns the text contained in MyTable::MyText formatted as 12pt. green text with the Courier font.
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