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Removes all fonts or the fontToRemove from specified text.
text - any text expression or text field.
fontToRemove - any font name expressed in text.
Parameters in braces { } are optional.
Note  TextFontRemove no longer uses the fontScript parameter.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 8.0
Use this function to revert text to the default for the field. If you don’t specify a font, all of the text displays in the default font that was set in Layout mode for the field. When the font is specified by fontToRemove, only the specified font is removed from every portion of the text displayed in that font and these same portions of the text are then displayed in the field's default font.
Spellings for font names must be correct. Text formatting options will be lost if the field type that is returned is something other than text.
TextFontRemove(“Arial Text and Courier Text”) returns Arial Text and Courier Text displayed in the field’s default font.
TextFontRemove(“Arial Text and Courier Text”; “Arial”) returns Arial Text and Courier Text with the Arial font removed from the words Arial Text.
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