FileMaker Pro basics > Using the status toolbar
Using the status toolbar
The status toolbar provides quick access to many FileMaker Pro menu commands. In all modes, it includes navigation controls, customizable buttons, and a layout bar for working with layouts. In Layout mode, it includes layout tools. Move the pointer over a button to see its description.
To show or hide the status toolbar:
Choose View menu > Status Toolbar.
Click the status toolbar control Status toolbar control at the bottom of the document window.
To customize the status toolbar:
1. Choose View menu > Customize Status Toolbar.
2. Make your changes to the status toolbar:
Do this
Add a button
Windows: In the Commands tab, select Customizable or Standard from the Categories list, then drag the button from the Commands list to the status toolbar.
OS X: Drag the button from the dialog box to the status toolbar.
Remove a button
Drag it from the status toolbar to the dialog box.
Rearrange buttons
Drag them to the desired locations in the status toolbar.
Restore the default set of buttons
Windows: In the Toolbars tab, select Status Toolbar, then click Reset.
OS X: Drag the default set from the dialog box to the status toolbar.
Display only icons or text (OS X)
Choose an option from the Show pop-up menu.
Make the toolbar icons smaller (OS X)
Select Use small size.
Insert a fixed amount of space between buttons (OS X)
Drag the Space icon to the desired location in the status toolbar.
Insert a flexible amount of space between buttons, which adjusts depending on the window size (OS X)
Drag the Flexible Space icon to the desired location in the status toolbar.
You can customize the status toolbar for each mode. Changes to the status toolbar are application-wide.
Buttons in the layout bar cannot be customized.