Specify Grand Totals (New Layout/Report assistant)
If you selected Include Grand Totals in the Include Subtotals and Grand Totals panel, you can use this panel to define how they appear.
To specify a grand total:
1. For Summary field, click Specify.
The Specify Field dialog box appears.
2. Choose a summary field from the list, or define a new summary field. (Only fields defined as the summary field type are available in the list.)
To define a summary field in the current table, click Add. See Options for Summary Field dialog box (New Layout/Report assistant).
To define a summary field in another table, choose Manage Database from the list. See Defining summary fields.
Note  You must have full access privileges to define summary fields.
3. Click OK.
4. For Grand total placement, choose Beginning of report, End of report, or Beginning and end.
FileMaker Pro places the summary field vertically in line with the field the summary field is based on.
5. Click Add Grand Total.
The grand total appears in the Grand totals list.
6. Repeat the above steps for each grand total that you want to add.
Notes and tips
To remove a grand summary, select the grand summary definition in Grand totals, then click Remove Grand Total or double-click the grand summary in the list.
To change a grand summary, remove the grand summary definition and redefine it.
When you define a grand summary in this panel, you are defining a grand summary part, (leading, trailing, or both), depending on the placement you choose. After you finish with the assistant, you can modify characteristics like pagination and page numbering. See Changing a layout part.
If you define more than one grand summary with the same placement, the order in which you define the grand summary in the assistant determines the order of the summary fields in the grand summary part in the report. You can change the order of the summary fields after you finish the assistant.
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