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Sharing files with FileMaker Go clients
FileMaker Go lets you work with FileMaker Pro solutions on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Build solutions using FileMaker Pro. Then use FileMaker Go to work with the data on a device. For example, on a device you can add, modify, delete, find, and sort records; display data in Form View, Table View, and List View; view information in portals, tab panels, slide panels, and web viewers; scan bar codes; and perform scripts and other tasks.
Use one of the following options to work with data in FileMaker Go:
Connect to a hosted file from an iOS device and work with data interactively. When you change data on the iOS device, the data is updated on the host computer, and vice versa. You can connect to files that are hosted by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server and are shared over a Wi-Fi or mobile data network. Before you connect to a file, make sure the file is enabled for FileMaker Network sharing. See Opening files as the host.
Transfer a file to an iOS device, then work offline with a local copy of the file on the device. When you make data changes to the local file, the remote file is not updated.
For information about connecting to hosted files or transferring files to or from a device, see FileMaker Go Help.
To tailor files for use with FileMaker Go, see FileMaker Go Development Guide.