Sharing files on a network > Working with shared files as a client
Working with shared files as a client
As a client, you work with FileMaker Pro files in much the same way that you would as a single user, with these exceptions:
When you open a file, you see the layout, found set, and sort order from the last time the host closed the file. (You can define a script to switch to your preferred layout and settings. Since all users' scripts are saved to the shared file, personalize the script name so you know it's yours.)
If your account’s privilege set prevents access to certain layouts or fields, you either can’t view those layouts or you will see <No Access> for each field instead of the field data.
Because you are working on a network with other users, access to records and layouts may be delayed occasionally as other users work with the file.
Changes you make to records and layouts are saved in the shared file.
When you close a shared file as a client, you only close your connection to that file — it remains open on the host's computer.
To enhance your computer's performance, always close shared files you're not actively using. If you see a dialog box requesting that you close the FileMaker Pro file you're accessing as a client, comply immediately. The host may be trying to perform important maintenance.