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Set Web Viewer
Controls the specified web viewer.
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Set Web Viewer [Object Name: “<object name>”; Action: <action>]
Object Name is the name of the web viewer to act upon. To assign an object name, select the web viewer, choose View menu > Inspector in Layout mode. Click the Position Position tab, then in the Position area, enter a name for the object.
Action lets you choose one of the following:
Reset resets the named web viewer to its originally specified web address. This action also clears this web viewer’s Back and Forward history.
Reload reloads the web page that the web viewer is displaying.
Go Forward goes forward one page, the same way a web browser does.
Go Back goes back one page, the same way a web browser does.
Go to URL lets you specify a new web address to load in the web viewer. The new web address is a calculation that you specify in the “Set Web Viewer - Go to URL” Options dialog box. In this script step, you cannot change whether the web viewer allows interaction, shows a progress bar or status messages, displays content in Find mode, or automatically encodes a URL. You can set these options only when you add or change a web viewer in Layout mode.
Where the script step runs 
FileMaker Pro 
FileMaker Server 
FileMaker Go 
Custom Web Publishing 
FileMaker WebDirect 
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Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 8.5
This script step works only for named web viewer objects.
To specify the object name, either type the name in the Object Name box or click Specify and create a calculation.
If you choose the action Go to URL:
You specify a web address in much the same way you do when you create a web viewer on a layout. For more information, see Working with web viewers on layouts.
You can send html data to a web viewer by including the data in a URL, using the following format:
Where the following syntax applies:
dataurl = "data:" [ mediatype ] [ ";base64" ] "," data
mediatype = [ type "/" subtype ] *( ";" parameter )
data = *urlchar
parameter = attribute "=" value
More information about the “data URL scheme” can be found on the web.
FileMaker Pro supports only UTF-16 character encoding. Character data encoded using other methods will not display the target of the URL.
FileMaker WebDirect does not support the GoForward and GoBack options.
Example 1 
Resets the web viewer named Product Website to its originally specified web address.
Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "Product Website"; Action: Reset]
Example 2 
Displays the FileMaker, Inc. homepage in the Product Website web viewer:
Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "Product Website"; URL: ""]
Example 3 
Displays the URL entered in the Website field in the Product Website web viewer:
Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "Product Website"; URL: Products::Website]
Example 4 
Uses the data URL scheme to display a small icon in a web viewer named WV2.
Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "WV2"; URL: ""]
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