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Sending the URL of a shared file
If the file you are using is shared, you can give other FileMaker Pro users access to it by sending a URL link to the file via email. Email recipients who have FileMaker Pro installed can open the file from the email message you send.
The URL uses the following format:
To send a URL link to the shared file by email:
1. Open the shared file that you want a recipient to have access to.
Important  Make sure sharing settings provide user access to the file. Choose File menu > Sharing, choose the type of network access you are using, select All users or Specify users by privilege set, then click OK.
2. Choose File menu > Send > Link to Database.
3. If prompted, choose an email client profile, then click OK.
An email message opens. The message contains the link to the shared file and includes some requirements for opening the link.
4. Address the message to the recipient, type any additional information for the recipient in the body of the message, then send the message.
If you don’t have an email client on your computer, the URL link appears in a dialog box. To save the link, copy it to the Clipboard and paste it in an application that accepts text.
For the recipient to connect to the file using the link:
The client must have FileMaker installed on their machine.
The file must be open on the host machine.
Any firewalls between the client and server must allow FileMaker sharing.
The client must have a valid account and password.
The client must have network access to the host.
If using an IPv6 address, the client and host must both support IPv6.
You can also email a snapshot link of the current found set of records to other users. See Saving and sending records as a snapshot link.
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