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Selecting and editing text
You can enter, edit, format, and check the spelling of text in Browse mode and Layout mode. In Find mode, you can enter and edit text in find requests.
To select text:
You must select text before you can edit it.
In Browse mode or Find mode, position the pointer over any selectable text.
In Layout mode, use the Selection tool Selection tool in the status toolbar to manipulate a block of text as if it were an object. For example, copy or move it, change fonts, or resize it (which changes the margins of the text). When a text block is selected with the Selection tool, typing replaces the text in the text block.
In Layout mode, use the Text tool Text tool to edit text. You can also double-click a text block with the Selection tool to edit the text.
Text selection example
To select
Do this with the I-beam pointer
Individual characters
Drag through the characters
A word
Double-click the word
A line of text
Triple-click anywhere in the line
A paragraph
Click four times anywhere in the paragraph
An entire block of text
Click five times anywhere in the block or choose Edit menu > Select All
Nothing, just place the insertion point
Click once
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