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Scripting with Apple events (OS X)
Apple events let you automate, customize, and control many OS X applications. FileMaker Pro can send Apple events to applications that support them. FileMaker Pro can also receive Apple events from applications that have been designed to send Apple events.
Apple events are grouped into suites. FileMaker Pro supports the following:
Required suite
A special subset of the Core, Table, and Database suites
FileMaker Pro suite
Object Model
A subset of the URL suite
To send Apple events from FileMaker Pro to other applications, define a script and use either the Send Event script step or the Perform AppleScript (OS X).
To see a list of FileMaker Pro compatible Apple events, open the FileMaker Pro Apple events dictionary in a script editor like AppleScript Editor.
You can prevent other applications from performing FileMaker scripts by using the fmscriptdisabled extended privilege. See Editing extended privileges for a privilege set.
For more information about scripting with Apple events, search the FileMaker Knowledge Base available at