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Sizing layouts for different devices
You can use screen stencils, nonprinting guides that help you design layouts for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or computers with different screen resolutions. In Layout mode, screen stencils provide an estimated viewing area of a device’s display.
To show screen stencils:
1. In Layout mode, click the arrow on Screen Stencil Screen stencil button in the layout bar.
2. Do one of the following:
Do this
Show a screen stencil
Choose a size from the list.
Set a custom screen stencil
Choose Custom Size. Enter values for Height and Width. Click OK.
Hide a screen stencil
Deselect a size.
If a screen stencil is visible in a database, it will be visible in all databases until the stencil is hidden.
You can only have one custom screen stencil at a time.
You can show or hide all visible screen stencils by clicking Screen Stencil Screen stencil button in the layout bar.
If you’re working in a shared file, your screen stencils aren’t displayed to other users.
If devices in multiple sizes will access a layout, consider setting the layout objects to resize. This ensures that the layout expands to fill the entire screen for each device. See Setting auto-resize options for layout objects.