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Saving a layout theme
If you have changed style attributes on a layout, you can save your changes to a theme. Saving at the theme level allows you to apply the theme and all its styles to another layout, or import the theme and all its styles into another file.
To save a theme:
1. In Layout mode, create new styles or edit existing styles and save your changes. See Editing or creating layout object, part, or background styles or Copying formatting attributes between layout objects, parts, or backgrounds.
2. Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click the Appearance Appearance tab.
An asterisk (*) appears after the theme name and the arrow turns red, indicating the theme definition has changed.
3. For Theme, click Unsaved theme button and do one of the following:
Save the style changes you made at the theme level
Save Changes to Theme. Changes are applied to all layouts in the file that use this theme. (See Example of a value list that includes only related field values.)
Note  The default themes that come with FileMaker Pro appear in brackets ([ ]) in the Manage Themes dialog box. When you save changes to a default theme, the name of the theme remains the same, but the brackets are removed in the Manage Themes dialog box indicating theme attributes are different from the original default settings. You can reapply a FileMaker Pro theme at any time. See Changing the theme of a layout.
Save the changes you made in a new theme and leave the theme you started with unchanged
Save as New Theme, then type a new name, and click OK.
Give the theme a different name
Rename Theme, then type a new name, and click OK.
Remove any changes since the last time you saved styles at the theme level
Revert Changes to Theme.
Updates to FileMaker Pro software that include formatting changes for the predefined themes or certain file recovery options may update your custom themes. See Changing the theme of a layout and Setting advanced file recovery options.
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