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Printing records
1. If you have more than one printer, specify which one you want to use as well as the paper size, orientation, and other options.
See Specifying a default printer and paper options (Windows) or Specifying printer and paper options (OS X), as well as your printer and operating system documentation.
2. If you’re printing records, use the Layout pop-up menu to switch to the layout you want.
If you selected Table View, you can add, hide, or rearrange the fields that you want to print. See Displaying and hiding fields in Table View.
3. To include the desired records in the order you want:
use Find mode to get the found set you want and commands on the Records menu to change the found set (see Finding records)
sort the records (see Sorting records)
4. To see exactly how your paper copy will look prior to printing, click Preview in the layout bar (Browse mode), or choose Preview from the Mode pop-up menu at the bottom of the document window.
5. Choose File menu > Print.
6. In the Print dialog box, for Print, choose an option (Windows) or choose FileMaker Pro from the pop-up menu (OS X).
To print
All records in the found set
Records being browsed
Only the record currently selected in Browse mode
Current record
A blank record using the current layout (use this option to print a blank “form”)
Blank record, showing fields, then choose a formatting option
OS X: If you don’t see the options, click Show Details.
7. Select the printer, print range, number of copies and other printing settings, and then click OK (Windows) or Print (OS X).
Other print options depend on the printer and system software you’re using. Refer to your printer and system documentation.
If you’re printing a layout with data that extends beyond the right margin, choose File menu > Print Setup (Windows) or Page Setup (OS X), select the horizontal (landscape) orientation, then click OK (if this doesn’t provide enough width, try reducing the size of the printed area by typing a value of less than 100% for scaling in the Print Setup dialog box (Windows) or Page Setup dialog box (OS X).
You can “close up” blank space when printing records with varying amounts of data by specifying sliding options. You can also use merge fields to eliminate extra blank space in field data. See Removing blank spaces in printouts and Placing merge fields on a layout.
When you print a field or a portal with a scroll bar, FileMaker Pro prints only the data visible without scrolling. To print all the data, duplicate the layout and enlarge the field or portal to display the largest possible amount of data. Then specify sliding options to remove the extra blank space when you print. See Adding fields to a layout and Removing blank spaces in printouts.
You can keep any object on a layout from printing. See Preventing objects from printing.
When you print layouts containing panel controls, only the front-most tab panel or slide panel prints.
You can print popover buttons, but not popovers or the contents of popovers.
Navigation parts and any objects in them do not print or preview.
Placeholder text will only print when you chose to print a blank record showing the placeholder text; it does not print in records being browsed or in the current record.
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