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Preventing objects from printing
You can keep objects on a layout from printing. For example:
Create a button on a report layout that doesn't print when you print the report.
Place instructions on a layout to be read during data entry, but not printed when that layout is printed.
To keep objects from printing:
1. In Layout mode, select the object or objects that you don't want to print.
2. Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click the Position Position tab.
3. In the Sliding & Visibility area, for Object visibility, select Hide when printing.
You see nonprinting objects in Browse and Layout modes, but not in Preview mode or when you print. In Layout mode, choose View menu > Show > Non-Printing Objects to display nonprinting objects with a gray border.
To close up the blank space taken by a nonprinting object, set sliding options for that object and objects below it on the layout. See Removing blank spaces in printouts.
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