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Performing a quick find in Browse mode
You can perform a quick find to search across all the fields that are enabled for quick find within the current layout.
To perform a quick find:
1. In Browse mode, type one or more words in the search box Search box or quick find box in the upper-right corner of the status toolbar.
2. Press Enter (Windows) or Return (OS X).
The search includes all the fields on the current layout that are enabled for quick find. Your find request returns a found set of records. The highlighted area of the pie chart Pie chart icon in the status toolbar indicates the portion of the total records displayed.
To view a list of recent quick finds:
1. In Browse mode, click the down arrow in the search box.
2. Do one of the following:
Choose a search term from the search history list to perform a quick find for the term.
Choose Clear Recent Searches to remove the search history.
The only operator supported by quick find is the match phrase operator, double quotation marks (" ").
If you type more than one word in the search box, FileMaker Pro searches for records that have all of the words you typed.
Quick find does not search summary, container, or global fields.
You can also include merge fields in quick find. By default, merge fields are set to be included in the search. For more information about quick find for merge fields, see Placing merge fields on a layout.
The search history is only available for the current session and will not be saved for the next time you open the file.
If you don’t see the search box in the status toolbar, maximize the window until the search box is visible. If you still can’t see it, your status toolbar may have been customized to hide the search box.
If you want to find records that match at least one set of criteria you specify, perform a find in Find mode. See Finding records that match multiple criteria.
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