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Specifying page margins
You can specify different margins for each layout. If you don't specify margins, FileMaker Pro uses the printer's default margins, which might vary with different printers or different printer drivers. You should specify page margins if you're printing a layout where exact spacing is important, like labels or a preprinted form.
To specify page margins:
1. Choose File menu > Print Setup (Windows), or File menu > Page Setup (OS X), confirm the printer and paper settings, then click OK.
In Preview mode, you can also click Print Setup (Windows) or Page Setup (OS X) in the status toolbar.
See the documentation that came with your computer and printer.
2. In Layout mode, click Layout Setup Layout Setup button in the layout bar.
3. Click the Printing tab.
4. Select Fixed page margins, and type values for the margins.
If you want the left and right margins to alternate (the inside margin appears on the left side for the first page, on the right side for the second page, and so on), select Facing pages.
5. Click OK.
6. To check the margins, switch to Preview mode.
The margins appear as a thin, dotted line.
See Previewing data on a layout.
To change the unit of measure used for margins, in Layout mode, right-click the ruler and choose a unit of measure from the shortcut menu. See Using the rulers and grid.
To show page margins in Layout mode exactly as they will print, choose View menu > Page Margins. Page margins do not display in Layout mode if the layout contains any navigation parts.
If you’re using the Print in <n> columns option and you later specify page margins, the columns resize to fit within the new margins. See Setting up to print records in columns.