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Opening files using a URL
The FileMaker Pro installer registers fmp: as an Internet Protocol (IP). This enables you to open a shared or local file using a URL. You can also run a script in the file using a URL.
To open a file using a URL:
1. Launch a web browser on the intended client machine.
2. Enter the URL of the file into the browser’s address area using the format:
For address, you can enter:
the IP address or DNS name of the host
~ to specify the user’s Documents folder
$ to specify that the file is already open
Optional parameters are indicated by braces ({ }).
To run a script in a file using a URL:
1. Follow the steps above.
2. Append ?script=scriptname to the URL. For example:
Specify a script parameter and local variables using the format:
Filenames are case-sensitive for FileMaker Go but not for FileMaker Pro. Script names are not case-sensitive.
The filename extension .fmp12 is not required.
You can define multiple variables in the same fmp: protocol.
If spaces or any other special characters are needed in a link, be sure to replace them with the appropriate percent-encoded values required for valid URLs. For example, replace a space with %20.
Open a file named Clients.fmp12 on the host machine with an IP address of with a script named ListClients:
Open a file named Clients.fmp12 on the host machine with an IP address of with a script named ListClients, and specify a parameter of TopClients and a local variable $NumberToList with a value of 10:
Open a local file named Clients.fmp12 in the user’s Documents folder with a script named ListClients:
Run the script ListClients from an open file named Clients.fmp12:
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