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New features in FileMaker Pro 15
FileMaker Pro 15 includes the following new features and improvements.
New field control
Concealed edit box – Hide confidential information by setting up a field to display dots in place of data. See Setting up a field to display a pop-up menu, checkbox set, or other control.
Improved usability
FileMaker Pro Help – Help has been redesigned for easier access and use. Help requires an Internet connection, but you can download it and then use it offline. See Using Help.
Simpler software updates – When a software update is available, FileMaker Pro notifies you and allows you to download and install the update from within FileMaker Pro.
Hosts search – Search for hosts in the Launch Center using the search box above the hosts list.
Additional support for ODBC data sources has been provided. See Configuring an ODBC client driver.
OS X: Full-screen view and split view are supported in FileMaker Pro document windows.
OS X: You can now open and close a pop-up menu with the Space bar.
Improved Script Workspace
Check for problems in a script; problems are highlighted in the script editing pane. Importing or pasting scripts automatically checks for problems.
A new preference allows you to display newly created scripts in the Scripts menu by default.
Undo actions in the Script Workspace and the Specify Calculation dialog box.
See Creating and editing scripts.
Enhanced security
FileMaker Pro can verify SSL certificates before performing actions that open a file hosted on FileMaker Server, import XML data via an HTTP request, or send email via an SMTP server using an encrypted connection.
FileMaker Pro notifies you when a host’s SSL certificate cannot be verified. Choose to connect anyway, add the host to your permitted hosts list, or cancel. See Setting permitted hosts preferences.
Prevent other applications from using AppleScript or ActiveX to perform FileMaker scripts. See Editing extended privileges for a privilege set.
The Watch tab in the Data Viewer requires that you log in to an account that has full access privileges to view expressions. See Using the Data Viewer (FileMaker Pro Advanced).
Configure a solution to require users to use Touch ID or an iOS passcode before FileMaker Go can access its keychain. See Setting file options.
Script steps
New script steps
Truncate Table – Deletes all records in the specified table regardless of the current found set. Truncate Table may delete records more quickly than Delete All Records when you’re deleting a large number of records. See Truncate Table script step.
Changed script steps
Script steps that previously included the “Perform without dialog” checkbox now display the “With dialog” option inline.
Convert File – You can choose to verify the SSL certificate of the server specified in an HTTP request for XML data. See Convert File script step.
Import Records – You can choose to verify the SSL certificate of the server specified in an HTTP request for XML data. See Import Records script step.
Insert From URL – You can choose to verify the SSL certificate of the server specified in the URL. See Insert From URL script step.
Send Mail – Verifies the SSL certificate of an SMTP server that is using an encrypted connection. See Send Mail script step.
New functions
RangeBeacons – Returns a list of iBeacons and their proximity to an iOS device. See RangeBeacons function.
Changed functions
Get(LastODBCError) is now Get(LastExternalErrorDetail) and returns details about SSL certificate errors in addition to ODBC errors. See Get(LastExternalErrorDetail) function.
Changed and removed features
OS X: FileMaker Pro can be run only as a 64-bit application. If you use 32-bit-only versions of plug-ins, ODBC client drivers, or audio/video codecs with FileMaker Pro, contact the provider for 64-bit versions of that software.
Value lists displayed in pop-up menus – If you define a value list to show values from a second field, a field formatted as a pop-up menu now displays only the value from the first field and applies the data formatting for that field when the pop-up menu is closed. (This is the same behavior as for drop-down lists.) To display the value from the value list and ignore data formatting, select the new Override data formatting with value list Inspector option. See Defining value lists and Setting up a field to display a pop-up menu, checkbox set, or other control.
Support has been removed for Acrobat 5 and Acrobat 6 compatibility when you save records as PDF. See Saving and sending records as a PDF file.
FileMaker Pro User’s Guide has been removed. The information from that guide is in Help.
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