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Moving objects on a layout
1. In Layout mode, select one or more objects that you want to move.
2. Drag the objects to the new position.
Dynamic guides help you position the object you’re dragging with other objects. (To turn on dynamic guides, choose View menu > Dynamic Guides.)
Do this
Move the selection 1 point
Press Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow.
Limit movement to either a horizontal or vertical direction
Press Shift as you drag the selection.
Precisely move the selection
Use the rulers, guides and dynamic guides, grid, and the Inspector. See Using tools to precisely position objects.
Override the “snap-to” effect when you move a selection
Press Alt (Windows) or Command (OS X) as you drag the selection. See Using the rulers and grid.
Position the selection beyond the boundaries of the document window
Drag the object to the edge of the document window.
When you're moving objects, remember that you can also layer, align, and rotate objects to help you achieve the results you want. See Arranging objects.
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