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Move/Resize Window
Adjusts the size or location of the chosen window.
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Move/Resize Window [Current Window/Name: <name of window>; Current file; Height: <n>; Width: <n>; Top: <n>; Left: <n>]
Current Window selects the current foreground window when the script step is performed.
Window Name selects an open window by name.
Current file only restricts matches to the current file (not selecting this option matches all available FileMaker Pro files).
Height is the height of the adjusted window in points.
Width is the width of the adjusted window in points.
Distance from top is the adjusted window’s distance in points from the top of the screen (OS X) or top of the FileMaker Pro window (Windows).
Distance from left is the adjusted window’s distance in points from the left of the screen (OS X) or left of the FileMaker Pro window (Windows).
Where the script step runs 
FileMaker Pro 
FileMaker Server 
FileMaker Go 
Custom Web Publishing 
FileMaker WebDirect 
Runtime solution 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
The adjusted window maintains the same layout, same table, same found set, and same current record as the original window.
Window name selection is not case-sensitive.
It is not necessary to enter values for each option. When no value is entered, FileMaker Pro uses the original location and size of the window as default values.
Minimum window height and width depend on the script user’s operating system. If the height and width values you specify are less than the minimum, FileMaker Pro uses the minimum values.
Maximum window height and width depend on the script user’s screen resolution. If the height or width values you specify are greater than the maximum, FileMaker Pro uses the maximum value possible.
You can move a window off-screen by supplying negative top and/or left values, which can be useful for multiple monitor environments.
Windows: FileMaker Pro orients the moved window to the top-left corner of the visible part of the application window. Note that this may not be the (0,0) point of the window, depending on how the current file window is positioned (for example, if half of the file window extends past the left border of the application window, you would need to scroll to the left to see the (0,0) point of the application window).
OS X: This script step has no effect on a full-screen window, and returns an error code.
Example 1 
Goes to the Customer Info layout, positions the window in the top-left corner of the FileMaker Pro window (Windows) or the top-left corner of the screen (OS X), and resizes the window.
Go to Layout ["Customer Info"]
Move/Resize Window [Current Window; Height: 400; Width: 600; Top: 0; Left: 0]
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