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Merge format
You can import, convert, and export Merge files.
Converting Merge files to FileMaker Pro
Field names are imported.
All fields are text fields.
Exporting Merge files
FileMaker Pro exports a text file with the following characteristics:
The character that separates fields is different depending on the language of your operating system. On U.S. English systems, the field separator is a comma. On European systems, the field separator character is a semicolon. The character may be different in other locales.
Both Merge and FileMaker formats include field names. However, the application into which the data will be imported must support the format you choose. Some applications will strip out the field names when importing the exported data.
Carriage return characters separate records.
Field data is enclosed in quotation marks.
The first record is a header that lists the field names.
Carriage return characters in a field export as vertical tab characters.
Values in repeating fields are separated by the group separator character.
Quotation marks (") in and around a field export as double quotation marks.
Note  You can create form letters entirely in FileMaker Pro by typing your letter on a layout and using merge fields. See Placing merge fields on a layout.
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