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Managing saved find requests
Whether a saved find or recent find is available to a user depends on the account that is used and the table that the layout is based on, including any related tables that are referenced in the find criteria.
Users logged in as one FileMaker account will see the same saved finds and recent finds as other FileMaker users sharing that account. You can edit, duplicate, or delete a saved find.
Users logged into the same external authentication account will see different lists of saved and recent finds, depending on the account ID and the username passed to the external authentication server. You can clear saved finds for external user accounts that are no longer active.
Note  For users logged into the same FileMaker account, only one user at a time can modify a saved find.
To edit, duplicate, or delete a saved find:
1. In the status toolbar, click the down arrow next to Find (Windows), or click and hold Find (OS X). Then choose Edit Saved Finds from the list.
2. In the Edit Saved Finds dialog box, specify options for the saved find:
New or Edit
Create another saved find request, or rename or change this saved find. See Saving a find request.
Make a copy of the saved find and its search criteria.
Delete one or more selected saved find requests from the list.
View by
Reorder the list of saved finds.
3. Click OK.
To delete all saved finds for a user from an externally authenticated account:
1. Follow the steps in Creating accounts that authenticate via an external server to access the Edit Account dialog box.
2. In the Edit Account dialog box, click User Data.
3. In the Manage User Data for External Account dialog box, select the user name and data you want to delete.
4. Click Clear.