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Logical functions
Logical functions test for a condition to evaluate it as true or false. This is known as a Boolean value. If the condition is true, FileMaker Pro returns a 1; if the condition is false, FileMaker Pro returns a 0. You can use the keywords True and False with logical functions and operators when a Boolean value is needed. Keyword True returns 1 and keyword False returns 0.
Logical functions can also evaluate parameters such as text or arithmetic operations that do not make a true or false statement, or in the case of the GetField function, return the contents of another field.
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This function
One of several possible results based on a series of tests.
One result value, according to the integer value of a test.
Evaluates an expression as a calculation.
An error code, if any, from an expression.
Executes an SQL query statement for the specified table occurrence in a FileMaker Pro file.
1 (true) if data converts to a non-zero numeric value or if a container field holds data; otherwise, returns 0 (false).
The setting of the specified attribute for the audio, video, or image file in a container field.
Evaluates fieldName and returns the contents of the specified field.
The fully qualified name of a field reference.
The specified attributes of the layout object given by the objectName currently active in the calculation.
The contents of fieldName from the specified record number.
Either result1 or result2, depending on the value of a test.
1 (true) if a field is empty or other errors occur; otherwise, returns 0 (false).
0 (false) if the data is invalid; otherwise, returns 1 (true).
1 (true) if an expression syntax is correct; otherwise, returns 0 (false).
The result of a variable or variables set to the result of the specified expression(s) for the duration of the calculation, or until the script exits or the file is closed.
The value specified in sourceField, using the relationships in the relationships graph.
The next lower or higher value in sourceField when there isn’t a matching related value.
The content of the object in which the calculation is defined.
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