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Importing layout themes
To import themes, you must have full layout access privileges to both the source and destination files. See Editing record access privileges and Editing layouts privileges.
To import a theme:
1. Open the file into which the theme will be imported.
2. Choose File menu > Manage > Themes.
Tip  In Layout mode, you can also choose Layouts menu > Change Theme > Import Themes.
3. In the Manage Themes dialog box, click Import.
4. Select the file that contains the themes you want to import, then click Open.
5. In the Import Themes dialog box, select the themes you want to import.
6. Click OK.
The imported themes appear in the Manage Themes dialog box in the order they were imported.
7. Click OK to close the Manage Themes dialog box.
When you import a theme, FileMaker Pro logs an entry in an import.log file located in the same folder as the database. Double-click the log file to view log entries.
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