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Returns the script parameter passed into the current script.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 7.0
Use this function as part of a calculation evaluated within a script.
Script parameters can be passed into a script via a button, a script trigger, or another script. See the Perform Script script step.
Example 1 
Clears the contents of the field specified in the script parameter and navigates to that field. This script can be attached to multiple buttons, each referencing a different field, to clear the contents of multiple fields.
Set Field By Name [Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; ""]
Go to Field [Get ( ScriptParameter )]
Example 2 
Uses the Invoices::Customer Name field as the parameter. Invoices for the current customer are returned in a new window with the Invoice Report layout.
Main script: Current Customer Invoices
Find Matching Records [Replace; Invoices::Customer ID]
#Calls the View Customer Invoices sub-script, defined below
Perform Script ["View Customer Invoices"; Parameter: Invoices::Customer Name]
Sub-script: View Customer Invoices
New Window [Name: "Customer: " & Get ( ScriptParameter ); Style: Document]
Go to Layout ["Invoice Report"]
Sort Records [Restore; With dialog: Off]
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