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Returns the authenticated account name being used by the file's current user.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 7.0
Use this function for FileMaker authentication. If a user is using the default Admin account, Get(AccountName) returns Admin. If a user is using the FileMaker Pro guest account, then [Guest] will be returned.
For external server authentication, Get(AccountName) returns the name of the authenticated account being used by the current user of the database file, not the group the user belongs to (the group name appears in the Account list when you define accounts and privileges in FileMaker Pro). If an individual belongs to more than one group (account), the first group name listed when you choose View By Authentication Order while defining accounts and privileges determines access for the user.
Get(AccountName) returns the account name as it was entered by the user. When a user logs in, the account name is not case sensitive, so Get(AccountName)'s result may not be identical to the account name as it appears in the Manage Security dialog box.
If you specify the context for the current calculation, this function will be evaluated based on that context; otherwise, it will be evaluated based on the context of the current window.
Example 1 
Returns Marketing when Marketing is the name of the account that was used to log in to the database file.
Example 2 
If a user enters MARKETING when logging in to the Marketing account, Get(AccountName) returns MARKETING.
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