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Finding empty or non-empty fields
You can find fields that contain no data or some data.
To find empty or non-empty fields:
1. Start a find request.
See Making a find request.
2. Refer to the following table for examples of different ways to search for empty or non-empty fields.
To find fields that are
Enter this in the field
Not empty (i.e., fields that have data)
3. When you’ve entered the find criteria that you want, click Perform Find in the status toolbar, or choose Requests menu > Perform Find.
To enter data in empty fields:
1. Create a find request that returns the empty field you want to replace.
2. Enter a value in the empty field in one record in the found set.
3. Choose Records menu  > Replace Field Contents.
4. Click Replace.
The value you entered is placed in every record in the found set.
If any value is empty in a repeating field, then a search using “=” returns that field.
To find empty fields formatted as a checkbox set or a radio button set, in the find request, right-click the field and choose Operators > =.