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Entering and changing data in fields
You can enter data into text, number, date, time, timestamp, and container fields. You can also change or delete data in fields.
If a field contains a valid URL, you can open it in another application that you specify. See Using URLs in a field.
You can enter data in a field up to the character limit for the field type.
To enter data into a
Click in the field in Browse mode, then
Text field
Type the text.
Number field
Type the value (from 10400 to 10-400).
Date field
Type the date in the format used when the file was created. See Working with data in date fields. If enabled, use the drop-down calendar to select a date.
Time field
Type the time of day (or time duration) as hours; hours and minutes; hours, minutes, and seconds; or hours, minutes, seconds, and fractional seconds. See Working with data in time fields.
Type the date in the format used when the file was created, followed by hours and minutes; or hours, minutes, and seconds. For example: 2/2/2014 12:00 AM or 12/31/2014 11:59:59 PM.
To enter data into a container field, see Using data in container fields.
Important  To avoid confusion when using dates in FileMaker Pro, always enter four-digit years. See Working with data in date fields.
To delete data from a field without putting it on the Clipboard:
Select the data, then press Backspace or Delete.
To type a tab character into a field:
Click where you want to insert the tab, then press Ctrl+Tab (Windows) or Option-Tab (OS X).
When you start typing data into a text field set up to auto-complete, FileMaker Pro attempts to match what you have entered against either the field’s index or a value list. The best match automatically appears in the field. Other matches may also appear in a list. For more information on auto-complete fields, see Setting up a field to auto-complete during data entry.
In Browse mode, you can use the keyboard to enter values for radio buttons and checkboxes. Tab into the field and type the first letter of the value that you want to enter, or use the arrow keys to select it. Then, press the Space bar to enter the value.
To enter or change the value in a global field, in Browse mode, select the field and enter the new value.
The way data appears depends on how a field is formatted in Layout mode, on the system formats used when the file was created, and on your computer's system formats. See Formatting and setting up field objects in Layout mode.
If you use the drop-down calendar to enter a date into an empty timestamp field, FileMaker Pro enters the date you select and inserts midnight as the time portion. If you use the drop-down calendar to change an existing timestamp, FileMaker Pro changes the date portion only, preserving the existing time portion.
When working with files created on a computer using different system formats, you can choose whether to view data in its original system formats or in your own system formats. To use your own formats, verify that Use System Formats is checked on the Format menu. See Opening files with different system formats.
A field can be defined to make sure data is entered in a specific format, or within a certain range. For example, you may be required to enter a four-digit year in a date. See Defining field validation.
You may not be able to enter or change data in some fields (for example, calculation or summary fields, or fields that are formatted to prevent entry). You can copy the contents of calculation and summary fields to other fields.
If you mix numbers and text in a number field that's used in a calculation or summary field, FileMaker Pro ignores the text when performing the calculation or summary.
Numbers can be entered using scientific notation, for example: 1.23e+15 or 1.23e-15.
You can view and print only the data that fits within the field boundaries. You can change the boundaries by resizing the field in Layout mode. See Resizing and reshaping objects.
There are other ways to enter data, like importing or copying it from another source, pasting a value from the field index, using a related table, and setting options to automatically enter the data when you create a record.
You cannot type text directly into a container field. To enter text in a container field, copy the text, then paste it into the field.
As you type text into a field, you can undo and redo your entries by choosing Edit menu > Undo Typing or Edit menu > Redo Typing.
For information on entering special characters, such as accent marks, see the Help for your operating system. (For example, type “enter special characters” for your search.)
If you are running Windows on a device that supports a multi-touch screen, when you select a field that requires you to enter data in Browse mode or Find mode, the touch keyboard appears. You can override this behavior with the Enable Touch Keyboard script step. This feature is not supported in Windows 7.
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