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Design functions
Design functions return information about the structure of open database files. For example, you could determine the names of all the layouts or fields in an open database file.
Design function parameters can be any of the following:
filenames such as “Customer” or literal text such as "Jack"
layouts such as layoutName
other functions such as Left(text;number)
FileMaker Pro limits the information returned by a design function, according to the privilege set in effect when the function evaluates a database file. See Creating and editing privilege sets for more information about granting access to database files.
Literal text parameters such as filenames and layout names must be enclosed in quotation marks. Use quotation marks around field names to indicate the literal string is the parameter (omit quotation marks to indicate the value stored in the field is the parameter). You can use spaces before or after the parentheses that enclose parameters, but spaces are not necessary. Use a semicolon between parameters when a function requires more than one parameter.
If you specify a filename as a parameter and the filename contains a period, include the filename extension in the parameter. Otherwise, functions may interpret the period in the filename as the beginning of the filename extension, which can lead to unexpected results.
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This function
A list of the names of all files open on the computer.
The location, in points, of each field boundary and the field’s rotation in degrees.
The specified field’s comment.
A list of all field IDs in fileName and layoutName.
A list of the names of all fields on layoutName in fileName.
The number and orientation of repetitions of a repeating field as formatted on a layout.
The field formatting applied to fieldName on layoutName in fileName.
Information about fieldName.
The next serial number of fieldName in fileName.
A list of all layout IDs in fileName.
A list of the names of all layouts in fileName.
A list of the names of all named objects on layoutName in fileName.
A list of four values for each relationship directly related to tableName.
A list of all script IDs in fileName.
A list of the names of all scripts in fileName.
A list of all table IDs in fileName.
A list of all table occurrences in the relationships graph for fileName.
A list of all value list IDs in fileName.
A list of the values in a value list.
A list of the names of all value lists in fileName.
A list of the names of windows that are currently open.
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