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Defining database fields
When you create a new solution, by default FileMaker Pro opens a blank layout in Layout mode, and displays the Field Picker dialog box, where you define fields. You create a field name and choose a field type. Then you can select options that determine how the field interprets, enters, calculates, stores, and displays data.
Using the Field Picker dialog box, you define fields only for the current layout of the current FileMaker Pro table. To define fields for a different table, use the Manage Database dialog box (see Defining fields in the Manage Database dialog box).
To define or change fields:
1. If you’re creating a new solution, the Field Picker opens for you in Layout mode. To change existing field definitions, click Field Picker button in the status toolbar.
2. Add, change, or delete fields.
Do this
Add a field
Click New Field, type a name for the field, and choose a field type. Click Drag Options and change options for field position and labels if needed. Then drag the field to the layout. See Adding and changing field labels.
Change a field’s name
Windows: Double-click the field, then type a new field name.
OS X: Select the field, then click the field name and type a new field name.
Change the field type
Select the field type, then choose a new type from the list. See About choosing a field type.
Change options for validations, auto entry, and storage for the field
Right-click the field name, then choose Field Options. See Setting options for fields.
Delete a field
Right-click the field or fields and choose Delete Field.
To sort fields in the list, click Sort Fields button. To open the Manage Database dialog box, click Manage button (see below). To locate a field in a long list, type the field name in the search box near the top of the dialog box.
To have fields that you define automatically placed on a layout, select the Add newly defined fields to current layout preference (in the Preferences dialog box) before you define the fields. See Setting layout preferences.
When you change a field name, FileMaker Pro changes the name on each layout and any field references used in calculation or summary fields.
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