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Converting files from FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier
You must convert files created in FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier to the FileMaker Pro 12 format in order to use them with the current FileMaker Pro version.
When you convert a file, FileMaker Pro creates a Conversion.log file, so you can view the conversion status and any problems that may have occurred during the conversion process.
When you convert files:
You can only convert files created in FileMaker Pro version 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, or 11.x to the FileMaker Pro 12 format. See Conversion overview. After conversion, files will only be compatible with FileMaker Pro 12 and later supported versions.
Manual corrections may be necessary. You might need to correct items in the converted file that did not convert properly. In some cases, you may need to correct items in the original file and then convert the file again. After you convert any file, you should review the Conversion.log file for items that may need to be corrected.
You should test the converted file. The Conversion.log file may not indicate every item in the file that needs to be corrected. Before you begin using a converted database solution, you should test it thoroughly to make sure every aspect has converted successfully. For example, make sure every script works as you expect, and that accounts and privilege sets provide the required file security.
Converted files may be larger than the original files. Part of the conversion process increases the file size of databases. Though the size increase is typically not significant, the increase varies by file.
This section describes the basics of file conversion. It contains:
an overview of the conversion process
instructions on how to convert single files or multiple files at once
information on how to view the Conversion.log file after converting one or more files
a summary of the top conversion issues you may encounter
For additional information about converting databases, refer to the FileMaker Knowledge Base available at
Note  Snapshot links cannot be converted. You must convert the database from which the records were found and then re-create the snapshot link.