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Committing data in records
Unlike most word processing applications, FileMaker Pro saves your data as you work. This is called committing data. Data is committed when you:
click outside of all fields in a record
press Enter
Windows: Press Enter on the numeric keypad, or Ctrl+Enter on computers without a numeric keypad
OS X: Press Enter (not Return), or Fn-Return on computers without a numeric keypad
switch to another mode
select another record
switch to another layout
If you enter data incorrectly in a record, you can restore the original data to the record as long as the information is not committed. For more information, see Restoring data in records.
When you change related data (such as related records displayed in a portal), these changes are not committed until you commit the record that is displaying the related data.
The Replace Field Contents and Relookup Field Contents commands and script steps do not commit the active record. All other affected records will be modified and committed during the operation. Therefore, if there are uncommitted records in the window that are affected by the replace/lookup operation, these changes will remain uncommitted until you choose to commit the active record after the completed replace/lookup operation. An example of when this happens is a replace/relookup on related records in a portal.
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