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Arranging objects
To group, align, or distribute objects or change the stacking order:
1. In Layout mode, select the objects.
2. Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click the Position Position tab.
3. Click an appropriate button in the Arrange & Align area.
Click a button in this area
Group or ungroup objects
Work with a grouped object as if it were a single object.
Align objects with one another
Or, choose from the Arrange menu or the shortcut menu.
Distribute space between objects
Or, choose from the Arrange menu or the shortcut menu.
Move objects forward or backward in a stacking order
Objects located on a tab control, slide control, popover, or portal maintain a stacking order within the panel control, popover, or portal.
To rotate objects:
1. Select one or more objects.
You cannot rotate portals, tab controls, slide controls, web viewers, or popovers; but you can rotate popover buttons.
2. Choose Arrange menu > Rotate.
Objects are rotated in 90-degree increments.
If you include a locked object in the group, the resulting grouped object is also locked.
You can edit text that's part of a group by double-clicking the text.
Here is how objects move when you click an Arrange button:
Original stacking order
Bring to Front:
Object moves to the front of the stacking order for the Bring to Front command
Send to Back:
Object moves to the back of the stacking order for the Send to Back command
Bring Forward:
Object moves forward in the stacking order for the Bring Forward command
Send Backward:
Object moves backward in the stacking order for the Send Backward command
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