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Adding tables to the relationships graph
All tables used in relationships must appear in the relationships graph. This includes tables from external files.
To add a table to the relationships graph:
1. Choose File menu > Manage > Database.
2. In the Manage Database dialog box, click the Relationships tab.
3. Click Add table button to open the Specify Table dialog box.
4. To add another table occurrence from the current file, select the table name from the list of tables.
5. To add a table occurrence from an external file, click the Data Source list and do one of the following:
Choose a FileMaker filename or ODBC data source name in the list.
Choose Add FileMaker Data Source to select another FileMaker Pro file using the Open File dialog box. This is the quickest method of adding an external FileMaker data source.
Choose Add ODBC Data Source to select an existing ODBC data source. See Editing ODBC data sources for more information about ODBC data sources.
Choose Manage Data Sources to open the Manage External Data Sources dialog box. Use this method to add multi-path FileMaker data sources and ODBC data sources or to edit, duplicate, or delete existing data sources. See Connecting to data sources for more information on defining and managing external data sources.
6. After you have chosen the external file, select the table by name from the list of tables.
7. If necessary, change the name of the table occurrence.
Each table occurrence in the relationships graph must have a unique name.
8. Click OK.
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