Triggers a script to run when a tap gesture is received on a layout (Windows 8 and iOS only).
When the script runs
Before the event has been processed.
Modes in which the trigger can be used
OnGestureTap can be set up to activate in Browse and Find modes.
You can use the Exit Script script step within the triggered script to return True or False.
If the triggered script returns no value, the script proceeds and processes the tap normally.
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 13.0
OnGestureTap will not activate for taps made in active web viewers or active edit boxes.
The following gestures activate this trigger:
If you double-tap with one finger, be aware that the trigger will be activated twice: at the first tap and again at the second tap.
For Windows 8, if you tap with two fingers, the location of the gesture is the center point between the tapping fingers.
Use Get(TriggerGestureInfo) to get information about the gesture that causes this trigger to activate.
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