Managing accounts (detailed)
Use this dialog box to manage the number and type of accounts, including creating and editing accounts, deleting or duplicating accounts, or reordering the accounts list.
To create or edit an account:
Choose File menu > Manage > Security.
The Accounts tab lists the accounts defined for this file.
To create a new account, click New. To edit an existing account, select the account, then click Edit.
Choose from Account is authenticated via.
Click Change, then enter and confirm a new password for Password. Click Set Password.
Select Require password change on next login.
Note  In most cases, an account that is shared by multiple users should not force a password change upon first login. Instead, specify a password and provide it to the users who need it. Also, the privilege set for a shared account should not permit password changes. See Managing privilege sets.
For Account Status, choose active or inactive. Users can’t open a file using an inactive account name and password.
For Privilege Set, choose the privilege set to use with this account.
You can also choose New Privilege Set and create a new one, or select a privilege set and click Edit. See Creating and editing privilege sets.
For Description, enter an account description.
Click OK.
If you’re finished working with accounts and privileges, click OK.
To duplicate or delete accounts:
The Accounts tab lists the accounts for this file.
Click OK.
If you’ve finished working with accounts and privileges, click OK.
To reorder the accounts list:
Choose View by > account name or click the Account column heading. You can also switch the alphabetical list between ascending and descending order by clicking the Account column heading.
Choose View by > creation order.
Choose View by > authentication order.
Choose View by > authentication order. Then drag each account by its Arrow icon to the new order, then click OK.
Note  To quickly activate or deactivate an account, click its checkbox in the first column of the Accounts tab. See Creating and editing accounts.
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