About importing data using an HTTP request
You can import data into a FileMaker Pro file by specifying a URL as the source of the data. FileMaker Pro supports both HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests in these dialog boxes:
The HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests work the same way, except that an HTTP POST request lets you send (or post) data to the web server in the message body.
To specify the type of HTTP request, use one of the following schemes in the URL:
When your URL begins with http or https, FileMaker Pro sends the URL unchanged. However, httppost and httpspost are custom schemes defined by FileMaker Pro and are handled differently. When your URL begins with httppost or httpspost, FileMaker Pro sends the URL beginning with http:// or https:// followed by the text before the first “?” character. All the text after the first “?” character is sent as POST data in the message body.
This URL specifies a POST request and two key-value pairs:
FileMaker Pro sends this URL:
The text after the “?” is sent as POST data: