Returns the setting of the specified attribute for the audio, video, or image file in a container field.
attributeName - the name of a supported attribute (see below).
Data type returned 
text, number
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 14.0
This function is used in FileMaker Go. If this function is called when the media file is playing or is paused, it returns a value for the file’s current playback state. If the function is called when no media is playing, it returns a value for the state of the media file most recently played. If the function is called when no media file has been played, it returns an empty string or 0.
The source type used for audio and video files:
0 (None)
1 (URL)
2 (Field)
3 (Layout object)
4 (Active object)
The URL, field name, or layout object name. If sourceType is 4 (active object), then source returns an empty string.
The method used to display the media:
0 (Embedded)
1 (Full Screen)
2 (Full Screen Only)
3 (Audio Only)
The end position of the playback (in seconds); returns 0 if playing to the end of the media.
Provides information about the event that activated the last OnObjectAVPlayerChange or OnFileAVPlayerChange script trigger:
0 (Unknown)
1 (RemotePlayMedia)
2 (RemotePause)
3 (RemoteTogglePlayPause)
4 (RemotePlayNext)
5 (RemotePlayPrevious)
6 (RemoteSeek)
7 (RemoteStop)
8 (ScriptPlayMedia)
9 (ScriptChangePresentation)
10 (ScriptTogglePlayPause)
11 (ScriptStop)
12 (ScriptChangeSetting)
13 (InternalTogglePlayPause)
14 (InternalChangePresentation)
15 (InternalSeek)
16 (InternalStop)
Indicates which media file should be played next:
0 (None)
-1 (Go to previous)
+1 (Go to next)
0 if playback ends successfully; returns 1 if playback ends due to an error.
1 (Yes) if the playback controls are hidden; otherwise returns 0 (No).
1 (Yes) if users cannot interact with the playback; otherwise returns 0 (No).
1 (Yes) if the iOS playback controls on the lock screen or on the control panel are disabled when the media is playing or is paused; otherwise, returns 0 (No).
1 (Yes) if the audio is paused when FileMaker Go is moved to the background; otherwise returns 0 (No).
The source type used for images:
0 (None)
1 (URL)
2 (Field)
3 (Layout object)
4 (Active object)
Example 1 
Stops playing a media file if it is currently playing.
If [GetAVPlayerAttribute("playbackState") = 1
AVPlayer Set Playback State [Stopped]
End If
Example 2 
Checks the duration of a media file and displays a message if it is longer than 30 minutes.
If [GetAVPlayerAttribute("duration") > 1800
Show Custom Dialog ["Exceeds Maximum Duration"; "The current video is longer than 30 minutes."]
AVPlayer Play [Field:Library::Video]
End If
Example 3 
Plays the media file in full screen for iPhone, and embedded for iPad.
If [Get(Device) = 3 //iPad]
AVPlayer Play [Object: "Container"; Presentation: Start Embedded]
Else If [Get(Device) = 4 //iPhone]
AVPlayer Play [Object: "Container"; Presentation: Start Full Screen]
End If
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