Returns the script parameter passed into the current script.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 7.0
Use this function as part of a calculation evaluated within a script.
Script parameters can be passed into a script via a button, a script trigger, or another script. See the Perform Script script step.
Note  For information on how functions evaluate differently on the host versus the client, search the FileMaker Knowledge Base available at
Example 1 
Clears the contents of the field specified in the script parameter and navigates to that field. This script can be attached to multiple buttons, each referencing a different field, to clear the contents of multiple fields.
Set Field By Name [Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; ""]
Go to Field [Get ( ScriptParameter )]
Example 2 
Uses the Invoices::Customer Name field as the parameter. Invoices for the current customer are returned in a new window with the Invoice Report layout.
Main script: Current Customer Invoices
Find Matching Records [Replace; Invoices::Customer ID]
#Calls the View Customer Invoices sub-script, defined below
Perform Script ["View Customer Invoices"; Parameter: Invoices::Customer Name]
Sub-script: View Customer Invoices
New Window [Name: "Customer: " & Get ( ScriptParameter ); Style: Document]
Go to Layout ["Invoice Report"]
Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]
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