Returns the IP address of the host computer for the current file.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 8.0
If the current file isn’t being hosted, an empty string is returned.
Note  In FileMaker WebDirect, returns the physical P address of the host machine.
If IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are available for remotely hosted files, the address is returned in the most common or default format. This might not be the same format that was used when connecting to the host.
If the current calculation is stored and you specify its context, this function will be evaluated based on that context; otherwise, it will be evaluated based on the context of the current window.
Note  For information on how functions evaluate differently on the host versus the client, search the FileMaker Knowledge Base available at
Returns one of the following when the current file is being hosted:
IPv6: [2001:0DB8:85A3:08D3:1319:8A2E:0370:7334]
Note  If the host machine has both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, Get(HostIPAddress) returns only the IP address that the client used to connect to the host.
Returns one of the following when accessing a locally hosted file:
 • if connected to
[::1] if connected to localhost
 • if connected to the computer’s IP address or evaluated in FileMaker WebDirect.
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