Specifying the display state for an object
You can specify attributes indicating the state of an object (and its components), which gives you visual feedback for actions you take. For example, you can format a button to display in a darker color when you click the button, or have the current record display in a contrasting color in List View.
To specify the display state for an object:
In Layout mode, select one or more objects.
See Selecting objects.
Note  To have the active (current) record or alternating records display with a different fill in List View, select the Body part label. The body part is considered to be an object in the following steps.
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Appearance.
The object type list (at the top of the Appearance tab) displays the type of the selected object. If you select objects of different types, FileMaker Pro displays Selected Objects.
Note  Not all style attributes are available for all object types or their components.
Normal or Inactive
The body layout part is viewed in Form View or List View or related records are displayed in the rows of a portal. Setting the Primary state fills the background of the body part or all rows in a portal.
You can also format placeholder text. See Formatting placeholder text.
See Creating new layout object, part, or background styles, Setting the fill, line style, and borders for objects, layout parts, and the layout background and Adding shadows and padding to layout objects.
The pressed state displays only when the currently pressed row is not active, the currently pressed row is active and Use active row state is not set on the portal, or there is an OnObjectEnter script trigger assigned to the portal. See OnObjectEnter.