Adding and changing field labels
When you place a field on a layout, you can include a field label to identify or describe the field. A field label can be the field name, other text (such as instructions), or the result of a calculation. Field labels can appear in various positions outside the field or as placeholder text within the field. Placeholder text is useful when space is limited, such as on a layout designed for touch devices.
After you've added a field label, you can format it using styles or the formatting bar.
Adding a field label
In Layout mode, do one of the following:
After you place a field using the Field tool, select the field and click Create label in the Specify Field dialog box. Click OK. The field name appears as the field label. See Placing and removing fields on a layout. See Adding text to a layout.
Click the Text tool Text tool in the status toolbar, click the layout where you want the label to appear, then type text for the label.
Changing or deleting a field label
Select the label or labels to change. Then:
Tip  To use tools to position labels on the layout, see Using tools to precisely position objects.
Adding and changing placeholder text in a field
Placeholder text displays within a field in Browse mode (and optionally in Find mode) until you begin typing in the field. You can also add placeholder text to container fields and any fields formatted as edit boxes, drop-down lists, drop-down calendars, or pop-up menus.
In Layout mode, do one of the following:
To add or change placeholder text:
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Data.
In the Field area, for Placeholder text, do any of the following.
Select Show placeholder in Find mode.
To display a badge in Layout mode that identifies fields that have placeholder text Placeholder text tool, choose View menu > Show > Placeholder Text.