Restoring data in records
By default, FileMaker Pro saves changes to records automatically when you commit each record. If you enter data incorrectly in a record, you can restore the original data to the record as long as the information is not committed. See Committing data in records.
To restore original data to a record in Browse mode:
Choose Records menu > Revert Record.
Data has already been committed if Revert Record is dimmed.
You can select Edit menu > Undo to revert changes at any field level before you commit a record. Changes to the record are removed incrementally each time you select Edit menu > Undo.
Edit menu > Redo restores changes incrementally, enabling you to restore a record to a specific state when you have made multiple changes before committing. The number of actions that can be undone or redone is limited only by the amount of available memory on your computer.
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