Managing a team > Managing subscriptions (Claris Connect)

Managing subscriptions (Claris Connect)

Note  The following information is for Claris Connect team managers.

The Subscription tab displays information about the current team’s subscription, including:

the team ID, an identification number for the team

When a user requests to transfer in to the team, they will need to know the team ID. See Responding to transfer requests.

information about the terms of the subscription, including the contract number, license key, the contract’s start date, and when the subscription will expire

statistics about the subscription:





The number of automated workflows created of the total available with this license.

Monthly API Request Limit

The number of API requests used of the total available with this license. The API request limit is monthly and resets at the start of each month.

To upgrade your subscription, see Upgrading your subscription (Claris Connect).To renew your subscription, see Renewing your subscription (Claris Connect).