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Managing hosts (FileMaker Cloud)

Note  The following information is for FileMaker Cloud team managers.

The Hosts page displays information about your FileMaker Cloud host, including:

the host name and URL

Until the host name you submitted when you created the team is approved, a temporary name is displayed. See Submitting a new host name (FileMaker Cloud).

the total storage space, amount of space used, and number of drives being used

whether the host is online or offline

the name of the connected drive (FileMaker Data Storage drive) and the amount of space allotted and being used

You can rename the drive; see Renaming the connected drive (FileMaker Cloud).

the proxy IP address and private IP address, if applicable


To use FileMaker Cloud Admin Console, click Go to FileMaker Cloud Admin Console. See FileMaker Cloud documentation in the Product Documentation Center.

To increase storage space, you can upgrade your subscription. See Upgrading your subscription (FileMaker Cloud).

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