access privileges

Permission to view and work with certain records, fields, layouts, value lists, and scripts and to perform selected activities in a file.


A user name and (usually) a password, which identifies a user. Accounts are created in FileMaker Pro Advanced or externally (for example, in the FileMaker ID identity provider system). Once an account exists, you assign access privileges to it, which determine the tasks that the account is allowed to do.

account access

A user's account or a group with a privilege set. You create an account access entry in the Manage Security dialog box in FileMaker Pro Advanced.


The process of checking the validity of an account and password (if one is defined) before assigning privileges and allowing access to a system or a file.


Allowing a file to access a protected file’s schema (including its tables, layouts, scripts, and value lists). Such a file is an authorized file.

Claris Connect

A cloud-based integration platform with which you create automated workflows by connecting applications.

Claris Connect API request

In Claris Connect, an API request occurs with every flow step, such as when data is requested or retrieved from an app or utility.

Claris International Inc. team

The default team for FileMaker ID accounts.

Claris Store

A website where users can browse and purchase Claris products.

container data type

Pictures, movies, and documents such as Microsoft Word files and PDF files can be inserted in a container field. Data in container fields can be embedded in the field, stored by file reference, or stored externally.

custom app

A file or set of files containing database tables, layouts, scripts, and associated data. A custom app performs one or more specific tasks, such as tracking customers or invoices. Sometimes called a solution.

database file

A component of a FileMaker Pro Advanced custom app.

data service resource

Data related to licensed access to FileMaker products and services, such as FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Cloud, FileMaker Data Storage drives, FileMaker Data API/OData usage, and the User License.

domain name

A name that identifies a computer on the internet.

encryption password

The password required to open an encrypted file. To get an encryption password, either you encrypt the file in FileMaker Pro Advanced before uploading it to FileMaker Cloud, or FileMaker Cloud encrypts the file after uploading.

extended privilege

Privileges that determine the data sharing and other options that are permitted by a privilege set for a file. For example, the Access via FileMaker Network (fmapp) extended privilege determines whether the privilege set allows accessing the file via FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Go clients.

external identity provider (IdP)

An identity authentication system that's external to FileMaker ID, such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or Okta.

external IdP group

A FileMaker Customer Console group of users whose identity is determined and authenticated by the external identity provider (IdP).

external user

A FileMaker ID user who is not managed by the current team, but is managed by a different team.

FileMaker Cloud

A service that provides access in the cloud to custom apps that use FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect. FileMaker Cloud uses the FileMaker ID integrated sign-on system to authenticate users and is offered directly from Claris International Inc.

FileMaker Cloud Admin Console

The FileMaker Cloud user interface that allows users to monitor and administer their instance.

FileMaker Customer Console

A web application for managing FileMaker ID accounts, FileMaker Cloud and Claris Connect teams, hosts, settings, and subscriptions; FileMaker Cloud groups; and for hosting FileMaker custom apps hosted by FileMaker Cloud.

FileMaker Data API

An API (application programming interface) that allows you to work with data from hosted files.

FileMaker Data Storage

A service that provides cloud-hosted storage for databases, externally stored container field data, and backup files.

FileMaker Go

An application that works with FileMaker custom apps (developed in FileMaker Pro Advanced) on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

FileMaker ID

Refers to either the FileMaker ID integrated sign-on system for authenticating users of Claris products and services, or a FileMaker ID account, which authenticates a FileMaker ID user in the FileMaker ID system.

FileMaker ID account

An account that uses the FileMaker ID identity provider system to authenticate users.

FileMaker ID user

A user who has a FileMaker ID account and has all rights to use FileMaker Customer Console.

FileMaker ID user name

The email address used for a FileMaker ID account.

FileMaker Pro Advanced

An application for creating and modifying custom apps. FileMaker ID users may use FileMaker Pro Advanced to open custom apps hosted by FileMaker Cloud. FileMaker Pro Advanced enables database developers to build custom apps for use on the web or in workgroups.

FileMaker WebDirect

A web application for accessing layouts from files in a web browser. FileMaker ID users may use FileMaker WebDirect to access layouts from files hosted by FileMaker Cloud products and FileMaker Server.


In Claris Connect, an automated workflow that uses two or more components. A component can be a Claris Connect utility or a connector to a third-party application (app).


A subset of FileMaker ID users in a FileMaker Cloud team. Groups are created on the Groups page by a team manager.

Groups page

The page in FileMaker Customer Console on which FileMaker Cloud team managers manage the groups in the team.

Home page

The page in FileMaker Customer Console on which FileMaker Cloud users can download FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Go, and work with custom apps that they have been granted access to. Claris Connect users see links for managing teams, account settings, and their team subscription, or information about using Claris Connect.


A server running FileMaker software that shares FileMaker custom apps. FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud are hosts. (FileMaker Pro Advanced can also host files for a small number of users.) Access privileges defined in the file determine how users interact with the hosted file.

Hosts page

The page in FileMaker Customer Console on which FileMaker Cloud team managers manage the FileMaker Cloud host.


Allowed authorization to a resource. A license is purchased and managed by a purchaser. A license is owned by one and only one team.

license certificate

A purchase agreement, as an encrypted file, that grants the user the right to install and use specified licensed FileMaker products.

licensed user

A FileMaker ID user who is covered by the current FileMaker Cloud team’s User License. A licensed user is assigned a team license by a manager of the current team.

managed user

A FileMaker ID user who is managed by the current FileMaker Cloud team. Each user is managed by only one team at a time.

My Apps window

For FileMaker ID users, a window in FileMaker Pro Advanced, and a tab in FileMaker Go, that displays the files your FileMaker ID account has access to, information about your account, and a link to FileMaker Customer Console. Files displayed in the My Apps window or My Apps tab appear on the Home page in FileMaker Customer Console.

Notifications page

The page in FileMaker Customer Console on which Claris International Inc. communicates with FileMaker ID users. For example, notifications may provide critical messages about product usage, warnings and subscription issues, and information about software updates.

Open Data Protocol (OData)

A REST-based protocol for querying and updating data, which is built on standardized technologies such as HTTP, Atom/XML, and JSON.

private IP address

The private IP address of the host.

privilege set

A defined set of permissions that determines a level of access to a file. Privilege sets are defined in FileMaker Pro Advanced. You can define as many privilege sets as you like for a file. There are three predefined privilege sets: Full Access, Data Entry Only, and Read-Only Access.

Profile page

The page in FileMaker Customer Console on which users manage their FileMaker ID account. Users can open their profile by clicking their FileMaker ID user name and choosing Profile.

proxy IP address

The proxy IP address to use for enabling outbound traffic.


Data related to teams, groups, data services, FileMaker ID accounts, FileMaker Cloud, and custom apps. Licensed users are authorized access to resources through their FileMaker ID accounts.


The protection that’s placed on a file. Security includes various types of accounts to authenticate users, levels of privilege sets to determine what can be done with a file, and authorization of other files to create references to the current file (including its tables, layouts, scripts, and value lists). Security also includes extended privileges, which determine the data sharing options that are permitted by a privilege set.

Settings page

The page in FileMaker Customer Console on which team managers manage settings for the team.

shared file

A file for which sharing has been enabled, which permits users to access the file over a network.

startup restoration

The process of validating custom app entries when a file is first opened, before client access, if the file had not been properly closed. The restoration log (restore*.log) is used during the restoration process.

Subscription page

The page in FileMaker Customer Console on which purchasers and team managers may make changes to their subscription, and FileMaker Cloud users may download FileMaker software.


A set of FileMaker ID users who are authorized by the same purchase agreement.

team ID

The identification number of a team.

team management privilege

Allows team managers to manage a team.

team manager

A FileMaker ID user who manages a team’s FileMaker ID accounts and other team resources.

team resource

Data related to a team, including FileMaker ID accounts and Claris Store purchases.

unlicensed user

A FileMaker ID user who is not covered by the current FileMaker Cloud team’s User License.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

A web address, which consists of a protocol, a host name, and optionally a port, a directory, and a filename. For example,,, or fmp://

User License

The license provided by the FileMaker ID identity provider system.

Users page

The page in FileMaker Customer Console on which team managers manage the FileMaker ID accounts in the team.

user type

In a FileMaker Cloud team, the two user types are managed users and external users.